Projects: current and upcoming

LOVE NOTES with that other quartet. A program about the art of communicating one's love now included in Stockholm läns landsting catalogue for concerts in health and care settings. We will play the program for audiences in these settings throughout 2019! See here for more info:

Projects: previous

Kreativt musikskapande på barnavdelningen 2.0 A project on the wards at Sachsska barn- och ungdomssjukhus, May to August 2019. See more details here:

“Afternoon tea” concert tour in elderly and dementia care settings for Scenkonst Sörmlands, Spring 2019

Kreativt musikskapande på barnavdelningen Initial project on the wards at Sachsska barn- och ungdomssjukhus, October to December 2018. See more details here:

Mondgewäsche: created by Patricia Alessandrini with Gageego! and In:fluence Ensemble from ShareMusic & Performing Arts

World premiere: October 19, 2014, Gothenburg Concert Hall

Mondgewächse is a multimedia project focussing on perception and the body, shaping images of the performers and their gestures in sound, shade and colour. The instruments and interfaces employed become extensions of the performers’ bodies, as interfaces are worn to control electronic sound with gestures, or to excite or amplify an instrument using the contact of the body. The various ways in which the body and movement is represented – through tracings, video tracking, gesture tracking, and shadow play – allow for multiple constructions of the body. They thereby illustrate the subjectivity of how we construct our bodies and how we perceive the bodies of others. They allow the body to be constructed and re-constructed in combination with various instruments and interfaces.

Whirlpool Bach: collaboration with Mälardalen University Sweden, 2014

Bach: Solo Suite No.1 in G major with visuals manipulated by sensors.

In this project, Music Interaction Symbiosis Technology (MIST) design  was used to create a visual augmentation of my performance by controlling the frame rate of a video using sensors. The video being manipulated displayed water whirlpools in a stream, from a channel used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to ship iron, the most important export of Sweden of that time. While I played Bach, the electromyography (EMG) signals reversed the whirlpools of the stream symbolising transience of industry and nostalgia for what has been. During moments of release the stream starts to flow forward again, washing away the past.

Click here to read the research article "Augmented Embodied Performance" that was published surrounding this project.

Performances included Norberg Festival, July 2014 and Kulturnatt @ Västerås Konserthuset, September 2014

Interpreting the Mystery: The Bach Solo Suites for Cello       

As part of the Severnside Festival in Gloucestershire in June 2013,  I performed all of the 6 Bach Solo Suites for cello in 6 different concerts in each of the 6 churches in the area. This was the program for the week.

Poster design by Gaianeh Pilossian

Poster design by Gaianeh Pilossian

  • Monday 3rd June 9.30 pm: Suite No.1 Candle light Opening Concert at Saul Church

  • Tuesday 4th June 8pm: Suite No. 4 Art Exhibition Preview Concert at Frampton Church

  • Wednesday 5th June 2pm: Suite No. 2 Cream tea Concert at Frampton Chapel

  • Thursday 6th June 6pm: Suite No. 5 Fretherne Church, Followed by supper at a pop-up restaurant

  • Friday 7th June 2pm: Lakefield Primary School: short concert

  • Friday 7th June, 730pm: Suite No. 6 Concert with photographic film to be designed by local photographer - Karen Skeats- at Framilode Church

  • Saturday 8th June 11am Concert at The Old Vicarage (dementia care centre)

  • Saturday 8th June 2pm Concert at Wisma Mulia (elderly peoples residential home)

Studio Musician

Ruth is an experienced studio musician and has taken part in various session recordings including:

  • “Feel Fine” by Emilie Nicolas for Skavlan

  • “K” (acoustic version) by Nadia Nair feat. Adam Tensta

She also features on the following recordings…

  • “Madicken” for Astrid Lindgrens World, Vimmerby

  • “Så som i himmeln” with Stockholm Concert Orchestra:

  • Ugglesång by Daniel Rosenqvist with Prisma Quartet:

  • “Du store tid” by Bror Chaos:

  • “Det blinda folket by Bror Chaos:


Ruth even works with making arrangements for strings, both independently and in collaboration with other artists. Here is an example of her work, an arrangement of Frida Hyvönen’s Oh Shanghai, for string quartet.


that other quartet is a string quartet based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The ensemble works with many different projects,  exploring the boundaries within the traditional string quartet genre.  Available for concerts, weddings, events, studio recordings, and more. 

Find out more at



A project consisting of a soprano, violinist and a cellist.  Find out more about our program Svindlande Höjder here

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